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Planate receives ISOA Innovation Award. 

ALEXANDRIA, VA – June 10, 2022 

Planate Management Group (Planate), the premier trusted partner for Architecture and Engineering Design, Facilities and Master Planning, Engineering Support, and Environmental Services worldwide, Planate Management Group is pleased to have won the ISOA Innovation Award in the small company category. The ISOA Global Impact Awards Program, run by the International Stability Operation Association, aims to recognize the superlative performance of its ISOA member companies. 

“I am grateful to have Planate Management Group selected to receive the ISOA innovation award under the small company category,” said Chris Decker, president of Planate Management Group. “Many hours went into creating an immersive virtual environment for flood modelling, visualization, and mitigation. It means so much to us that the work we are passionate about also resonates with others. This accomplishment was a team effort created by our expertise. I would like to thank my team at Planate and our client, USACE Innovation Summit, who allowed us to find solutions to urban flooding. Planate will continue to innovatively provide solutions to our clients in its core services, including facility and master planning, architecture and engineering design services, engineering support services, and environmental services. Building and infrastructure projects can become more complex; embracing innovation will be essential to increasing efficiency, reducing cost, and adapting to change.”  

About Planate Management Group 

Planate Management Group’s unique business model provides service delivery excellence of responsive, innovative technical solutions for facilities engineering and management consulting services to clients in traditional and difficult environments worldwide. Our installation management expertise covers Architecture and Engineering Design Services, Facilities and Master Planning, Engineering Support Services, and Environmental Services. For more information about how our licensed, professional team can help you find your next solution, please visit http://www.planate.net/

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