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AUGUST 2, 2021

ALEXANDRIA, Va – Timothy J. Stufft of Planate Management Group (Planate) has been named the 2021 Champions of Career Enhancement for Eligible Family Members (CCE-EFM) Award winner by the Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide (AAFSW). The CCE-EFM Award recognizes individuals who go above and beyond their job descriptions and typical duties to promote employment and career development for Foreign Service (FS) family members.

Planate currently executes engineering services contracts in a number of locations worldwide. Mr. Stufft has actively sought to hire Foreign Service EFMs (eligible family members) to fill positions for these projects. He is committed to turning first to EFMs with technical job opportunities and is working to change the perception that EFM job opportunities must be local (at the mission), non-technical in nature, and end when you depart post. He believes that EFMs can work in the private sector, remotely, and long-term while living overseas with family members serving in the Foreign Service. Congratulations to Mr. Stufft on this award for his work in facilitating job opportunities for EFMs.

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