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ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Planate Management Group (Planate) has spent the last decade growing its team with highly talented and professional individuals living in the Philippines. Beginning with digital support staff consisting of professional engineers, architects, and CAD designers, Planate now boasts more than seventy support staff in the Philippines. 

In addition to the original engineering support, Planate’s Filippino team members hold a variety of positions, from IT, human resources, and other support staff to department directors and vice presidents. 

Planate’s strategic location in the Philippines provides support to the Pacific, including the company’s projects and staff located in the Pacific Islands, Guam, and Australia.  

Adding to their steady growth in the country, Planate was recently awarded a subcontract to provide structural, electrical, and mechanical engineering services to support operational assessments of identified facilities in Subic Bay, Philippines.  

3 Replies to “Planate’s Philippine initiatives continue to grow”

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