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In 2019, Planate embarked on a new initiative to provide turn-key design-propose-build services in response to client needs. The initiative provides training and equipment to build the capabilities of Partner Nations to respond to Weapons of Mass Destruction incidents. Planate is a proud partner supporting this important worldwide mission.

Under this contract, Planate provides full-spectrum planning, design, contracting, construction, and construction management services for facility projects in eastern Europe. Due to the remote locations of these projects, Planate established a distributed management approach. This approach maximizes the use of existing Planate employees in the region, while also acquiring reliable local Architecture-Engineer (A-E) firms and General Contractors (GC) to execute the work and ensure compliance with respective national building codes and other governmental requirements. Establishing this distributed team eliminated the need to deploy resident design engineers and construction managers to the sites, thus substantially reducing project overhead costs. Project coordination for all phases was largely conducted virtually through daily email correspondence, recurring project status reports, and regular virtual teleconferences.

When COVID-19 erupted in Spring 2020, these projects were deep into the design phase. Because the designs were executed via local A-E’s with the ability to work from home, the design progress was relatively unhampered despite government-imposed travel restrictions, lockdowns, quarantines, and business closures. In fact, the designs, GC pre-qualifications, GC selections, and contract awards for both projects were all successfully accomplished during the peak of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Planate’s communication tools made this project pandemic-proof. These projects are now under construction and steaming toward successful completion in September 2021. As COVID restrictions eased earlier this summer, Planate’s European staff was able to conduct regular site visits to validate construction progress, verify quality and safety controls, and inspect project records. Our service delivery excellence despite significant challenges can be measured in the comments of our client:

“Planate has been a critical enabler for this project. Planate’s ability to flex and adapt to the changing conditions is truly remarkable. I cannot imagine pursuing these efforts without support from Planate’s experts in construction and project management.” –Client’s Deputy Program Manager

The first ribbon-cutting ceremony is set for 17 September 2021.


Construction Site – February 2021

Pumping concrete for foundations – April 2021

Construction site inspection – May 2021

State official stamping final construction drawings of construction site – June 2021

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