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Alexandria, VA – Planate Management Group is expanding its efforts next month and opening a new location in Orlando, Florida. The newly opened Planate Orlando Office will mark its official Grand Opening on August 2, 2019, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Planate is a leading engineering firm that provides technical solutions in difficult environments worldwide 

Vice President of Architecture and Engineering DesignHector Nazario P.E., expressed enthusiasm about the event on August 2, stating “We are delighted to announce the opening of our new Orlando office and technical service center focused on Architectural and Engineering office in Florida. This new office will expand and enhance our response to our clients throughout the continental US and will provide continuity and professional oversight to our large client base outside the US. Planate will have complete around the clock immediate reach back service and support to our worldwide clientele along with our other offices in the Philippines, Kenya, and now Orlando.”  

Chris Decker P.E., President of Planate says, “We can reflect today on more than decade long story of Planate’s growth and progress–and I can think ahead to a future of continued achievement and success in a world increasingly interconnected with difficult challenges. 

Planate will strive to provide innovative new design services to our newest client, the Department of Veteran Affairs across the continental USA.  


About Planate Management Group 

Planate Management Group provides a unique business model delivering facilities engineering and operational solutions in challenging regions and environments for our clients around the world. Our planning, facilities and focus installation operations expertise cover Planning, Architectural, and Engineering (A&E) Design, Construction Management, and Management Consulting and Technical Services. For more information, please visit http://www.planate.com/. 

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