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Internal candidates are given priority when new positions develop

Planate encourages our employees to apply for the roles which will provide professional development and career advancement.

The vacancies are all posted via the intranet and career website of the company and everyone has an equal opportunity to apply for the positions which align to employees' qualifications.

Work for a brand that is recognizable and well-known internationally

Planate Management Group is making its mark as a leading international business provider of planning, design, infrastructure management, engineering, construction management, and technical services. The company supports various clients which span the US Department of Defense (DOD) and various agencies.

Some of the countries have a presence in are Afghanistan, Bahrain, Cuba, Djibouti, India, Italy, UAE, Kenya, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Romania, Spain, Ukraine, USA, and Vietnam.

Employees are encouraged to contribute ideas to help improve Planate

Planate values the ideas of everyone in the organization. In fact, we have an e-magazine which is issued monthly where it features the current events, the workplace of colleagues and their activities and most importantly, the improvements our employees and independent subcontractors successfully provided and accepted by the clients.

Our company considers you not only as an employee but also as an individual contributor. We recognize your efforts, we accept your ideas, we reward your performance and we provide extensive opportunities locally and internationally.

Planate has flexible hours and schedules available for staff, as well as the commitment to work-life balance

Planate ensures that you are covered with health insurance, retirement benefits, and other coverage to give you security and peace of mind. Local and overseas training is also provided to ensure that you are provided with the tools to develop professionally and stay at the leading edge of available qualifications.

Planate understands the importance of a well-balanced life. It also provides opportunities for full time and part-time employment. Regardless of your employment category, Planate trusts in the capability of our employees to decide on how they will use their time daily.

In Planate, you can enjoy your life at work and at home the way you have always dreamed about. Work for a company the values integrity and time management. A company that listens actively, reflect and make changes if needed. Planate Management Group - a unique company with an environment to develop your career.

Global exposure and a chance to work abroad

Planate provides opportunities for individuals to gain global exposure and work with talented individuals within and outside the company. This enables the employees to gain more knowledge and confidence in the career that they have chosen. Our company helps you widen your network and gives you the opportunity to benchmark on better ways of doing things. Global exposure makes you gain more expertise and trust from the industry.

Planate Management Group - a unique company that impart knowledge to individuals and expose their people to opportunities around the world.

Planate is a stable company that can provide employment security

The company understands everybody's concern about having the security of tenure. Planate provides contingent offers for the selected candidate during proposal periods and part-time and full-time employees are given work opportunities after every project. Training is provided to enhance the technical skills of each individual team member. Internal movements are encouraged for additional knowledge and exposure to other fields of interest.

The opportunity for versatile jobs with promotion opportunity and to learn many different skills

Employees are more motivated because Planate promotes and fosters a high degree of job satisfaction which is reflected in our strong employee retention numbers. Planate provides rewards and recognition, and career advancement to all employees. Planate recognizes that our strength in the company is our people, and our actions reflect our commitment and investment in this important element of our business.