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At Planate Management Group Taiwan, we embody the fusion of Taiwan’s robust technological and industrial advancements with globally recognized managerial expertise. We don’t just manage; we pave pathways through the intricate mosaic of Taiwan's technical, legal, and socio-economic landscapes, ensuring your projects not only resonate with local relevance but also global excellence. Engage with a team where every strategy reflects in-depth local understanding, every solution a product of global best practices, and every success a testament to a mastery of managing projects in the vibrant, technologically advanced environment of Taiwan. 

Our Services


Civil Engineering

Site development, site surveying, environmental, geotechnical and hydrological systems



Functional, sustainable and high-quality environment design for wide range of building types, including all aspects of the building (Exterior Façade and Interior), Space Planning and Code Analysis


Structural Engineering

Concrete masonry, reinforced concrete, steel and wood construction designs, Preparation of Design Structural Assessment, Analysis and Calculations


Mechanical Engineering

HVAC, plumbing and waste water sewer systems


Electrical Engineering

Low and high voltage systems, power generation and renewable energy


Electronics and Communication Engineering

Structured cabling, mass notification system and security requirements


Fire Protection

Fire Protection Systems, Mass Notification and Fire Detection Systems Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS)

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