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Planate’s Engineering Support Services provides a wide range of engineering support, construction management, facilities operations, and maintenance management.

Services Offered

Planate provides a wealth of experience and unique solutions for your project because of our globally skilled and credentialed staff.


  • Manama, Bahrain; Jebel Ali Quay 9, UAE; ISA Air Base, Bahrain, and Oman : NAVFAC EURAFSWA Electrical Engineering and Community Planning and Program Support Services
  • Fort Harrison, MT; Grand Junction, CO; Sheridan, WY; Cheyenne, WY : VISN 19 Construction Management Support
  • Jebel Ali Quay 9 and Fujairah, UAE; ISA Air Base, Bahrain; CLDJ : NAVFAC EURAFSWA Engineering Technician Support Services
  • MCLB Albany, GA; NSB Kings Bay, GA : NAVFAC SE Construction Management and Engineering Technician Support
  • CLDJ; DEVESELU, ROMANIA : NAVFAC EURAFSWA Planning and Estimating Support Services
  • Naples, Italy, Rota, Spain and Sigonella, Italy : NAVFAC EURAFSWA Construction Management and Engineering Technician Support Services
  • ISA Air Base, Bahrain and Jebel Ali Quay 9, UAE : NAVFAC EURAFSWA Facility Engineering Support Services
  • NCTS Finegayan, Guam; Souda Bay, Greece : NAVFAC EXWC Uninterruptable Power Supply QA Support
  • Tirana, Albania; Kiev, Ukraine : DTRA Capabilities Preparedness Program Project Planning Support
  • CLDJ : NAVFAC EURAFSWA Installation Energy/Engineering Management Support Services, Community Planner Support Services, Engineering Support Services, Planning and Estimating and Functional Administration Support Services, Facilities Engineering and Support Services (Construction Quality Assurance (QA) and Functional Administration (FA) Support Services)
  • Mindanao, Philippines : NAVFAC Pacific Construction & Quality Assurance Support Services, Construction Support Services
  • Tampa, FL : VA Tampa CM and ET Support Services
  • Pittsburg, PA : VISN 4 Construction Management and Engineering Technician Support Services
  • Bremerton, California : NAVFAC Northwest Construction Management
  • ISA Air Base, Bahrain : NAVFAC EURAFSWA Facilities Engineering and Support Services [Construction Quality Assurance (QA), Performance Assessment (PA), Planning and Estimating (P&E)]
  • NSA Bahrain : NAVFAC EURAFSWA Planning and Program Support Services
  • Naples, Italy : NAVFAC EURAFSWA Commissioning Mechanical Engineering Technician Support Services
  • NAS Sigonella, Italy : NAVFAC EURAFSWA Water Treatment Plant and Distribution Operator
  • Midlant AOR : NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic Community Planners
  • Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands : USACE Jacksonville Quality Assurance Services
  • Dakar, Senegal : DTRA Construction Management Support
  • Pretoria, South Africa Embassy : DTRA US Embassy Upgrade Construction Management
  • Martinsburg, WV : VISN 5 Waterline Repairs