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Such services may include: initial planning; feasibility studies; economic studies; site studies; environmental studies; site investigations; site surveys; preparation of budget and cost estimates; preparation of preliminary schedules; cost modeling and analysis; and cost control management
These services may include: providing assistance to the Contracting Officer in contract procurement; providing technical expertise for the Government to prepare answers to bid/RFP questions; attending/participating in site visits; attending/participating in pre-bid conferences; providing assistance with the preparation of solicitation amendments; and performing cost/bid/proposal analysis.
These services may include: design management; design technical reviews; code compliance reviews; constructability reviews; conducting/participating in Value Engineering workshops; analysis of Value Engineering proposals; preparation of cost estimates (including independent check estimates); cost analysis; cost control/monitoring; energy studies; utility studies; site investigations; site surveys; hazardous material surveys/analysis; scheduling (including preparation of schedules and schedule reviews); design problem resolution; review of design scope changes (including analysis of schedule impact); scheduling/conducting/documenting design related meetings; participation in Time of Performance meetings to establish construction durations; participation in all “Partnering”activities during design (workshops, meetings); energy performance analysis IAW Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA); recommend, calculate and evaluate Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design LEED) credits; and performing market studies (material availability, contractor interest).
These services shall include, but are not limited to, providing professional and technical expertise for start-up, calibration, and/or certification of a facility or operating systems within a facility. The CM/PM must be able to provide any level of commissioning need from total support to specialty services. Commissioning services may require start-up planning, forecasting start-up duration, estimating start-up costs, provide technical expertise in developing start-up objectives, organizing start-up teams and team assignments, testing building system components, conducting performance tests, obtaining O&M material, plus conducting, scheduling and/or supervising O&M training. Small business subcontracting must be used to the extent agreed upon in the approved CM/PM Subcontracting Plan and as otherwise practicable.
The CM/PM shall be tasked to provide the services of an independent testing agency/laboratory to perform project specific quality control testing and inspection services. The services may include, but are not limited to, testing/inspection of soils, concrete, precast concrete connections, steel decking, applied fireproofing, roofing, curtain walls/glazing, and elevator installations. All specific testing requirements will be established at the task order level.
The CM/PM may be tasked to provide Claims Services when and as required by the Government for specific projects. For definition purposes, Claims Services apply to providing technical support (not legal assistance) in handling disputed matters once a contractor has made written demand for payment or other relief under the contract and submitted it to the Contracting Officer for decision in accordance with the Disputes Act of 1978. A claim does not arise solely upon the occurrence of a dispute or controversy.
These services may include: establishing temporary field offices; setting up job files, working folders, and record keeping systems; maintaining organized construction files; scheduling and conducting preconstruction meetings; handling/preparing project correspondence to respond to the parties involved with each project, confirm verbal discussions/directives, document actions taken and decisions made; preparing and maintaining daily dairies for project activities noting events affecting construction progress (weather, manpower, site equipment, work performed); monitoring the submittal review process including maintenance of submittal logs; review and monitoring of project schedules for construction progress with emphasis on milestone completion dates, phasing requirements, work flow, material deliveries, test dates, assisting in problem resolution and handling of disputed issues (including development of Government position, drafting final decision letter); maintaining marked up sets of project plans and specifications for future as-built drawings; performing routine inspections of construction as work proceeds, taking action to identify work to the CO/COR that does not conform to the contract requirements, and notifying the CO/COR when work is thought to require correction; compiling, through site inspections, lists of defects and omissions related to the work performed and providing these lists to the CO/COR for determination of the need for correction; review of construction contractor payment requests (including preparation of necessary forms for payment processing by VA); monitoring project financial data and budgetary cost accounting (maintain spreadsheets indicating project fund allowances, obligations, payments, balances, planned expenditures); administration of construction contract change orders (preparing cost estimates, reviewing cost proposals at the request of the CO, assisting VA in negotiations, preparing change order packages for processing); scheduling, conducting, and documenting regular progress meetings with all interested parties to review project status, discuss problems, and resolve issues; scheduling, conducting, and documenting (prepare minutes for distribution) construction related project meetings; monitoring construction contractor compliance with established safety standards (note and report unsafe working conditions, failures to adhere to safety plan required by construction contract); monitoring construction contractor’s compliance with contract labor standards (including performing site labor interviews, collecting, reviewing, and maintaining weekly payrolls for all project contractors and subcontractors, reporting potential wage violations to VA personnel); coordination of construction activities with Building Managers and occupying agency personnel; monitoring the design and construction clarification process and, when appropriate, reminding the A/E and other parties involved of the need for timely actions and notifying the CO of potential delays; participation in all “Partnering” activities during construction (workshops, meetings,); preparing special reports and regular project status reports; providing for progress and/or final photographs of project work; perform site surveys using a registered surveyor (establish building lines, elevations, approaches, utility locations); provide drafting services with CADD support (as-built drawings, survey layouts, utility plans); Building Information Modeling (BIM) support; provide assistance in obtaining permits; perform hazardous material assessments and monitoring of hazardous material abatement work; and provide cost estimating assistance.
At or near substantial completion of project construction, the CM/PM may be tasked to provide services such as:

1. Performing Post Occupancy Evaluations (POE’s).

2. Assisting VA in the formulation of lessons learned.

3. Providing occupancy planning including development of move schedules, cost estimates, inventory lists.

4. Providing move coordination, relocation assistance, and/or furniture coordination.

5. Providing telecommunication and computer coordination.
During the life of the BPA, the CM/PM may be tasked to provide services not related to a specific project. Such work must be authorized in advance by the Government. These services may include, but are not limited to:

1. Providing special consultant or special inspection services, such as assessments of hazardous materials, an Industrial Hygienist to monitor removal of hazardous material, a historic preservation consultant to review historically significant matters in existing buildings.

2. Performing special studies and/or updates to prior studies.

3. Performing other specialized services such as updates to master or environmental plans, interior space planning, existing site surveys, site models.

4. Providing tenant relocation and moving services at facilities other than those associated with a specific project.

5. Providing photographic records beyond the normal scope of presentation and inspection services required.

6. Providing expertise as required in unusual situations from specialty disciplines, such as expert testimony for hearings.

7. Providing certification services of trade societies, institutes, organizations.

8. Providing scheduling and/or estimating services for other VA functions (leasing projects).

9. Performing market research studies.

10. Provide functional support/expertise in areas such as sustainability, fire safety, physical security, geotechnical stability, seismic safety, historic preservation, moisture control, accessibility, building automation, materials evaluation.

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