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  • CAGE Code: 4XZF6

Planate Management Group is proud to be a prime contractor to provide professional services to assist the Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN) 21, including the seven healthcare systems within the VISN, to plan and develop lease acquisition packages on behalf of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). VISN 21 encompasses much of Northern California, Central California, Western Nevada, Hawaii, the Philippines, and Guam.


Scope of Services

Planate will coordinate with VA staff and other contractor personnel to facilitate A/E items and package development within lease acquisition process. Planate will be required to coordinate and collaborate with various departments within the healthcare systems and VISN to obtain the required information and approvals for various documents.

Planate will be responsible to develop ASR Packages for each of these types of lease acquisitions. Planate will develop designs in accordance with the Construction Facilities Management (CFM) requirements for CBOCs and administrative offices.

ASR packages include, but are not limited to, space program or allocation worksheet with notes, preferred schematic design, design guides/program guidelines, finish schedule, IT requirements, signage requirements, flag pole requirements, parking requirements, site requirements, physical security requirements, and any other applicable requirements.

Planate will provide accurate and complete responses within 10 business days, making revisions to specifications/documents as necessary. Provide accurate and complete responses within 10 business days unless the NCO Lease Contracting Officer (LCO) permits additional time for response.

Planate will review proposals to verify acceptability in terms of conformity with specifications/requirements. The Contractor must provide technical review and recommendation to LCO within 10 business days, unless the NCO Lease Contracting Officer (LCO) permits addition time for response.

Site visits for market surveys or other lease acquisition-related activities may be required. The Contractor will be given at least one-week notice from the Contracting Officer/COR for a mandatory site visit.

  • Develop a project schedule with milestones for each lease acquisition project.
  • Prepare and obtain appropriate approval for all requirements documents associated with lease acquisitions.
  • Coordinate with VA staff and other contractor personnel to facilitate A/E items and package development within lease acquisition process.
  • Ensure timely coordination with the NCO 21 representatives during the solicitation phase.
  • User Group Design Meetings with Lessor – The Contractor shall attend all user group design meetings with the Lessor via teleconference or in person, as specified in the TO.
  • Provide input, as necessary, on the design documents (DDs) and construction drawings (CDs).
  • Assist with the evaluation of the DDs’ and CDs’ conformance to the specific requirements of the Lease and to the approved prior sets of DDs and CDs, as applicable.
  • Change Orders – Prepare change order documentation as required by the CO for any change in cost or price that results from DD and CD development and final approval.
  • Construction Schedule and Initial Construction Meeting – Obtain a copy of the lessor’s construction schedule, as required by the lease.
  • Monitor the lessor’s compliance with the lease regarding scheduling of the initial construction meeting and distribution of the meeting minutes for the initial construction meeting.
  • Progress Inspections and Reports and On-Site Construction Progress Inspections – The Contractor shall be on-site as necessary to ensure the project is being constructed in accordance with the lease, as to time, cost, and requirements.
  • Inform the PM and CO of their plans to inspect the construction or alterations work in an effort to monitor the project’s progress and that it is on schedule and being constructed in accordance with the specification and standards in the RLP.
  • Coordination of VA Occupancy – Review the schedule dates for occupancy and activation activities, for instance, physical relocation of VA’s personal property, installation of telecommunication service, installation of computer cabling, furniture delivery, or other similar activities with the user group and the Lessor during the construction period.
  • Pre-Acceptance Submissions – Verify that the lessor is in compliance with the lease regarding Pre-Acceptance submissions.
  • Acceptance Inspection – In coordination with the PM, CO, lessor, and user group, the Contractor shall perform an on-site pre-acceptance walkthrough inspection.
  • Facilitate and chair a project orientation meeting with all applicable stakeholders. Keep meeting minutes and ensure access them for the stakeholders.
  • Hold progress meetings with VA stakeholders at least monthly, or more frequently as necessary, to provide status updates for projects. Prepare meeting minute and ensure distribution to stakeholders.
  • Document the attendees, take meeting minutes, and document the results of the meeting and disseminate to all attendees. Distribute a project contact list including all of the relevant points of contact.
  • Subsequent Construction Progress Meetings – Responsible for compliance with the lease regarding the Lessor’s scheduling of the progress construction meetings and distribution of the meeting minutes.
  • Provide technical interpretation of specifications/requirements during the post-award kickoff meeting.

Required to provide A/E technical support and PM services for all phases of lease acquisitions: planning and package submission phase, solicitation phase, and post-award phase.

Contract Details

  • Contract Number : 36C26121A0032
  • Period of Performance : August 13, 2021 – August 12, 2026
  • Business Size : Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB
  • Contract Administrator : Enesh Easlick ([email protected])


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    Alexandria, VA 22314
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