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Planate has successfully completed a thorough facility condition assessment for five key sites in Tajikistan, encompassing the Shoot House, Trauma Center, Shoot Range, Darbos Police Station, and the Ishkoshim Outpost. The next phase of evaluations for the remaining three sites, namely the Amakiev Border Outpost, Sharkul Border Outpost, and Vaksh Border Outpost, is pending guidance from Amentum.

In response to the identified needs, Tajikistan requires construction projects to enhance training facilities for both soldiers and police. General Major Muhammadzoda Khurshed Izatullo has specifically requested the construction of a new shoot house facility near the existing firing range to facilitate urban combat training. However, the proposed location on a hill, accessible via a poorly maintained dirt road, presents challenges such as landslides and unsafe travel conditions.

Furthermore, General Izatullo necessitates the establishment of a new 40m shooting range with a canopy-covered shoot line for small arms practice. Accessible through the same challenging dirt road on a flat plateau across a stream, the project requires the preparation of a new route, including a bridge. The remote and mountainous location may complicate the mobilization of supplies.

Simultaneously, the existing Trauma Center undergoes significant renovations to become habitable. General Major Alizoda Jonibek’s plans include adding missing components, two restrooms, and a new septic system. Additional enhancements involve capturing an exterior patio space, installing covered canopies, and transforming the building into a functional training facility for staff and soldiers. The overarching objective is to elevate the existing facilities to ensure effective training for both military and police personnel. 

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