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Planate and Prime JV

Planate Management Group (Planate) is excited to announce its collaboration with Prime Consulting for the redesign of a crucial emergency warehouse facility in Tacloban, Eastern Visayas, dedicated to serving the needs of the Philippine Red Cross. This transformative project is made possible through the generous support of the New Zealand Aid Programme, administered by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade.

The redesign of the emergency warehouse aims to bolster its capacity and resilience, enabling the Philippine Red Cross to respond effectively to disasters and emergencies in the region. Planate Management Group and Prime Consulting share a commitment to delivering sustainable solutions that positively impact communities, and this project exemplifies their dedication to advancing humanitarian efforts.

“This collaboration with Prime Consulting signifies a powerful synergy of expertise and a shared commitment to making a difference in disaster response capabilities,” said Chris Decker, President at Planate Management Group. “We are delighted to be working together on a project of such significance and importance for the Philippine Red Cross and the communities it serves.”

The New Zealand Aid Programme’s funding underscores the importance of international cooperation in addressing critical challenges. Through this collaboration, Planate Management Group and Prime Consulting aim to contribute to the enhancement of emergency response infrastructure, aligning with the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade’s mission of fostering resilient communities.

In addition to the project’s humanitarian impact, the collaboration between Planate Management Group and Prime Consulting is also a celebration of their newly formed relationship. The two organizations have established a US-registered joint venture company, marking a strategic partnership that combines their strengths and expertise for future endeavors.

“We are thrilled to be working with Planate Management Group on such a vital project for the Philippine Red Cross. This collaboration not only signifies our dedication to humanitarian efforts but also marks the beginning of a strong and enduring partnership with Planate,” said Alan Pearson, President at Prime Consulting.

Planate Management Group and Prime Consulting look forward to delivering a successful and impactful project, leveraging their combined strengths to create positive change in emergency response capabilities in the Philippines and beyond.

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