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Alexandria, VA: Planate Management Group (Planate) is pleased to announce its recent contract award to deliver Planning and Estimating (P&E) support services for the Public Works Department at NSF Deveselu, Romania. In collaboration with NAVFAC, the project underscores Planate’s commitment to streamlining essential operations, ensuring efficient facility management and operations. 

Under this contract, Planate will play an integral role in assisting NAVFAC and its clients. Key responsibilities encompass identifying, defining, scoping, estimating, and providing technical evaluations of job packages destined for either contract or in-house execution. Additionally, Planate’s team will manage, develop, and evaluate facility requirements, alterations, and minor construction projects, assuring that NAVFAC’s stringent guidelines are met throughout. 

The extensive list of P&E support services to be provided by Planate ranges from reviewing minor project quality control plans, safety/accident prevention plans, customer work requests to making site visits, recommending remedial actions, and developing draft project cost estimates. Furthermore, Planate will be instrumental in ensuring process compliance, participating in progress meetings, providing technical support, and monitoring ongoing maintenance work, among other crucial tasks. 

“We are immensely proud to extend our suite of services to the Public Works Department at NSF Deveselu,” said Planate president Chris Decker. “This contract is a testament to Planate’s unwavering commitment to delivering world-class facility and infrastructure management services globally. We are geared up to provide tailored solutions, enhancing the operational efficiency of the base.” 

For more details on Planate Management Group’s expansive array of services and ongoing projects, please visit planate.com. 

About Planate Management Group: Recognized as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, Planate Management Group stands at the forefront of delivering innovative technical solutions in facilities engineering and management consulting services. Serving clients around the globe, Planate is dedicated to driving excellence in conventional and complex environments. 

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