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Planate on creating a relationship with schools in order to support the students to be better professionals with the best Engineering technology in the world

ALEXANDRIA, VA – March 8, 2022.

Planate  Management Group (Planate), the premier trusted partner for Architecture and Engineering Design, Facilities and Master Planning, Engineering Support, and Environmental Services worldwide, officially opens up the newlyrenovated and equipped STEM room at the Columban College Inc., Barretto Campus as a service to the community.

The Columban College is a Catholic faith-based school previously known as Naval Reservation Junior College. The Lindayag family passed it in 1961 to the Columban Fathers. The first Director of Columban College was the Rev. Fr. Thomas L. Convery, with the Rev. Fr. Paul O’Malley SSC as his assistant.

“I’m very pleased to open the stem room at Columban College,” said Chris Decker, president of Planate Management Group. “I hope that the newly renovated facilities will equip the young Engineers to be better professionals with the best Engineering technology in the world. As Isaac Asimov once said, Science can amuse and fascinate us all, but engineering changes the world. Planate is happy to mentor young engineers to be better problem solvers. Through this partnership, Planate South East Asia shall provide internship opportunities to the Engineering students to provide technical base education. We look forward to working together.”

This partnership will help solve the issue of a growing disconnect between research and practice. The need to connect knowledge from universities to wealth creation and well-being in society has been emphasized by studies by many engineering researchers and journals. The direction requires the generation of new knowledge and innovation from universities and the effective transfer of this knowledge to and from practitioners, industry, and society.

About Planate Management Group

Planate Management Group’s unique business model provides service delivery excellence of responsive, innovative technical solutions for facilities engineering and management consulting services to clients in traditional and difficult environments worldwide. Our installation management expertise covers Architecture and Engineering Design Services, Facilities and Master Planning, Engineering Support Services, and Environmental Services. For more information about how our licensed, professional team can help you find your next solution, visit http://www.planate.net/.

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