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JULY 23, 2021

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The Department of Veterans Affairs awarded Planate Management Group (Planate) a contract for construction management services related to Real Property for Grand Junction CO VAMC. Under this contract, Planate will assist the Grand Junction Engineering Department in their roles as the facility engineer and real property management agency. Responsibilities include the management of construction contracts residing with the VAMC Grand Junction, CO, Engineering offices, and other related real property activities.

For each construction contract, Planate’s construction manager (CM) will perform Constructability and Phasing Review, Design Review, and Review of SCIP Business Case development. The CM will conduct Site Investigation to develop plans and solutions to identified problem areas, Facility Maintenance Assessment Plans, and Construction Inspection and QC/QA checks. The CM will assist with the documentation of existing space conditions and ensure the location and space files in both VISTA and the CAI are accurate and up to date. The CM will assist with Lease Market Research and Procurement Package Development for maintenance service, NRM projects, high cost equipment, and maintenance agreements. The CM will conduct GPS, Topo, Utility, and Surface Surveys and Environmental Compliance Support, including Environmental Liabilities Survey, Hazmat, hazard waste, storm water, evaluation, sampling, USTs/ASTs, NEPA, and sampling. The Planate CM will provide assistance with regulatory and other government entities and perform Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) Design and automation support maintenance and updating of record file drawings, maintenance, and organization of engineering documentation.

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